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First All-wood Modular Guitar Launched By Arlington Guitar Maker

Aaron Maisler visited the House of Musical Traditions in Takoma Park last year to check out the market for making a new kind of guitar. This young musician is launching a Kickstarter campaign on June 15 to put his modular guitar into production. After a year in active development, his start-up, Fern Guitars, will take the first step toward putting the instrument in the hands of guitarists in the United States and around the world. And people are waiting.
Aaron Maisler playing the modular guitar he invented and will soon produce at his Upperville factory
According to Arlington Connection, "The Phoenix is the only modular guitar that offers multiple pickup and control configurations while still keeping the traditional feel of an electric guitar. Modules can be swapped in seconds, without the need to disassemble or change strings. And it’s made entirely of wood. Maisler’s idea was born the day he was packing for Japan to spend two years teaching English and learning Japanese. Which guitar of his collection of ten or so guitars should he take? As a guitarist, he often needed more than one. He bought three used guitars in Japan." As per Arlington Connection, "The Kickstarter campaign will offer multiple pricing tiers, with priority given to early adopters. The first ten backers will secure the guitar for $999, with the next tier being $1,200. All pre-order options for the Phoenix include one module. Additional modules in most popular configurations, such as humbucker, SSH, P90 and two different types of single coil configurations, will be $425 each for the first 10 modules sold, then $445 afterward."

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