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Relax At The Crystal City Water Park Near Crystal Park Condos

Just a four minutes walk from Crystal Park Condos, Crystal City Water Park is a well-shaded urban park that offers a serene and relaxing alcove away from the hustle and bustle of the city.
Friday summer night event at Crystal City Water Park
Located at 1750 Crystal Dr in Crystal City shops, this small oasis offers beautiful water fountains, hammocks, a large ground chessboard, a ping pong table, numerous benches, and seats. Locals come here to hang out and relax while enjoying lunch or a glass of wine or beer during one of the numerous events held in the park. This park is extra nice to walk to during the Fridays at the Fountain concert nights (Summer-Fall) where local bands play between 5-9 pm. The Stand pop-up beer garden is open during the concert and serving in the designated drinking area. There's also a busy train truck if trains are your thing. Due to its picturesque water fountains, there's always a wedding or quinceanera photoshoots happening in Crystal City Water Park.

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